Fan Art

Viola Lee decided to make a Fan Art of the Pokemon Komala to celebrate the upcoming release of Pokemon Sun and Moon.

A fan art of the pokemon komala

Abstract Photo

Created by Andrew Wiebe, using photography tricks and photoshop effects.

An abstract picture

Self Portrait

Justin Unrau made a self portrait of himself. Inspired by his love of superheroes and other visual media. Half of the face is his actual face, then the other half is made up to represent all of his interests.

Self Portrait


Made by Thomas Murphy; a six hour practice piece centering around the principle of metamorphosis. Created in Photoshop.


Character Design

Character design by Thomas Murphy. A basic exercise in character design, this character is an amalgamation of several pop culture references and art styles used to create a single cohesive character.

Character Desgin

About NMD

Over a period of ten months, students explore different facets of the New Media Design industry including creative and aesthetic design, web programming, marketing with Social Media and SEO, business communications, database, game design and project management. Students are immersed in a collaborative and supportive environment which promotes critical thinking, problem solving, confidence, personal and professional growth. This space is dedicated to sharing and celebrating student work. Students are encouraged to explore and create with various traditional and digital media.


Collecting samples of work can be challenging! Whether seeking employment or entry into another post-secondary program, including Digital Media Design at RRC, an aspiring new media professional or student will need a well-conceptualized, designed, and implemented portfolio. Students are required to develop their own professional presence as part of the program requirement. Please browse through portfolios of past and present NMD students.

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Web Projects

A challenging, yet very exciting and rewarding experience is offered to NMD students through the Web Project course. As part of a team, students work with a business client to design and develop a web and social media presence that meets unique needs of each client. Students are responsible for all communication, gathering and analysis of client’s requirements, and of course, design and implementation of the online presence. Projects vary in complexity and focus. Students strive to use the most appropriate technologies and engage in project management functions, including scope and time management, to ensure success for all clients. Please browse through web projects completed by NMD students.

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